Status of the R2RML document and going last call

Hi David,

Since this came up in the call.

We have 12 open issues against the R2RML spec.

Personally I would consider four of them blockers for last call. Three are part of one big cluster related to type conversions between SQL and RDF:

This one is about the mapping tables:

All the rest is either editorial, or polishing the language; if running out of time, we can postpone them:

Editorial issues SQL terminology in R2RML “mapping document” term Introducing Turtle

R2RML polishing and syntactic sugar Simpler constant term maps Nested P-O maps Default termType for templates triples maps w/ single P-O map logical table syntactic sugar

Furthermore, there are another six issues that are pending review.

In summary, I feel that with four weeks left, R2RML is well on track.

Of course the most important thing is to get the blockers fixed. But I assume that there will be some time left to look at a few non-essential “postponable” issues. One thing that would be useful here is some quick commentary on the editorial and polishing (and already postponed) issues. Can you rank them by importance? Should we consider any of the already postponed issues if there's time left before LC?


Received on Tuesday, 2 August 2011 17:27:14 UTC