Schedule [was Re: Start discussion]

> Hi Everybody,
> There has been no discussion at all on the list, and that honestly worries
> me.
> I know that we need to have a Use Case documents, but it is not completely
> clear to me what else we need to turn in and by when.

Just to be clear, the schedule in its most updated form is always on the
WG's home-page. I will keep it updated. The schedule is here [1]. In
essence, here's the requirements and due dates:

1) End of April - publish use-cases
2) End of June - publish a working draft of rdb2rdf language


> One issue that I personally feel than needs to be settled is the semantics
> of the language. One we have this defined, it is just a matter of deciding
> on what is the syntax. I don't think we have made much progress on this
> issue. I have proposed to develop the semantics of the mapping language in
> datalog. I'd be up for working on this in conjunction with Marcelo Arenas
> and Dan Miranker.

To be clear, I do not want to vary too much from the quite good plan the
WG has.

I agree determining the semantics is very important, and I believe we have
some good people here on the team. Once we have a good draft, we can
figure out the semantics. I am sure we can map SPARQL->SQL semantics and
vice versa if this is what is needed, and that plus a trivial mapping
language in XML fulfills the charter.

> What else should we be having discussions on? The clock is ticking.
> Juan Sequeda
> +1-575-SEQ-UEDA

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