Just a quick comment on namespaces.

We need to be clear about the difference between "a label" and a particular 
label such as an ICRA label.

Kal has suggested 2 namespaces in the ruleset work, rule and uri. These are 
both very generic and should ideally be on the domain. Is this 
possible do you think Dan? If not, I'll set up a purl or two (and actually 
host it on but that won't be obvious).

Do we need two Kal? If we take your proposal and _just_ have 'matches' 
(dispensing with beginsWith, endsWith, contains and hasURL) then that just 
leaves a single thing for the uri namespace? Perhaps it can be included in 
rule or am I mixing too much up here?

The namespace for the specifically ICRA bit will be

Note the word labels, not ratings as we have used previously. (Politics gets 
everywhere. A label is meant to be objective, a rating is a subjective 
interpretation of the objective facts).


Received on Tuesday, 7 December 2004 16:32:22 UTC