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[Bug 29890] New: [SER31] Arrays in sequence normalization

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            Bug ID: 29890
           Summary: [SER31] Arrays in sequence normalization
           Product: XPath / XQuery / XSLT
           Version: Candidate Recommendation
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Windows NT
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Serialization 3.1
          Assignee: cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com
          Reporter: tim@cbcl.co.uk
        QA Contact: public-qt-comments@w3.org
  Target Milestone: ---


document { [1] }

The content expression of a document node constructor is processed in exactly
the same way as an enclosed expression in the content of a direct element
constructor, as described in Step 1e of Content. 

In XQ31 Content, point 1.e.i. we read:

"Each array returned by the enclosed expression is flattened by calling the
function array:flatten() before the steps that follow."

So this is equivalent to 

document { 1 }

which can be serialized.

Now compare with 


In SER31, 2 Sequence Normalization, we read:

"Where the process of converting the input sequence to a normalized sequence
indicates that a value MUST be cast to xs:string, that operation is defined in
Section 19.1.1 Casting to xs:string and xs:untypedAtomic FO31 of [XQuery and
XPath Functions and Operators 3.1]. Where a step in the sequence normalization
process indicates that a node should be copied, the copy is performed in the
same way as an XSLT xsl:copy-of instruction that has a validation attribute
whose value is preserve and has a select attribute whose effective value is the
node, as described in Section 11.9.2 Deep Copy XT30 of [XSL Transformations
(XSLT) Version 3.0], or equivalently in the same way as an XQuery content
expression as described in Step 1e of Section Content XQ31 of [XQuery
3.1: An XML Query Language], where the construction mode is preserve."

This refers to Step 1e, but this is only invoked when copying nodes, not
function items.

So it would appear that


cannot be serialized, because the array flattening doesn't occur.

If I'm correct, I think this marks the first time that serialization of

document { E }



behave differently under serialization (other than in error code).

Was this intentional?

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