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[Bug 29889] [xslt30] Add clarifications on stylesheet invocation options

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Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2016 03:35:42 +0000
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Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
This actually looks like a very good addition and explanation of many of the
rather fuzzy areas of the spec w.r.t. streaming. I find it very understandably
written. I didn't even realize the json-to-xml issue, but it makes sense to
mention it here.

Instead of through a function, I think it makes more sense if implementations
would be able to broaden the input that xsl:source-document allows. For
instance, if it encounters JSON, and there's a (implementation-defined?)
option, say @source-format, or @xml-from-type="json", it would be easier to
apply streaming abilities.

Strictly speaking, the spec doesn't allow such extensions. Should we become
more lenient here, so as to make it easier for the spec to evolve in the
future? Or leave as is with implementations probably going to ignore the
strictness requirements of extensions anyway?

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