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[Bug 29959] [xq31] fn:put()

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Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2016 14:43:06 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> ---

> This definition of fn:put() is actually broken in that it can be 
> optimized away, so it should also be marked impure - we used to 
> have a pragma for that I think? Or it should return a list of URIs.

I don't think it is broken.  fn:put() is an updating function and any
expression that calls it becomes an updating expression. 

I think the only problem is that we are normatively defining a feature in XQ
based on a Last Call Working Draft of XQUF.  

I don't know what you mean about using fn:transform (I am not very familiar
with XSLT).  Could you give an example?

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