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[Bug 29360] Extending string literal syntax

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Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2016 15:58:23 +0000
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--- Comment #9 from Benito van der Zander <benito@benibela.de> ---
>(a) have a better understanding of how these decisions are made, and

I was wondering if you have started to smoke some crazy stuff at the recent

> it can only be described as a process of exhaustion - after two full meetings discussing the subject,  all reasonable suggestions had been found objectionable, and by that time everyone was so fed up with spending time on such an arbitrary decision that the next workable solution had a good chance of being accepted.

That is not a good way to make decisions.

When you get too tired, you should postpone the decision. Much better to not
have a good feature than to have a bad one stuck forever in the spec. And take
more breaks (or start smoking some crazy stuff at the meetings) 

Are you voting accept vs. reject on each proposal individually? 
That is not a good voting system. Try to use Kemeny-Young or Range voting or
something over all the proposals at once.

>And by the way "what's wrong with a single `?" - one of the first requirements the WG set itself was that the start and end delimiters should be different, to allow nesting.

But that does not even matter there.

The interpolation is nested, not the string itself. Just like attributes nest,
despite only having “ as separator: <node att="{ <node att="foo"/>/@att }"/>

And now they are not used for nesting, or ``[ ``[ ``] ``] would be valid.

It is even worse than I thought. 
Bash swallows ` even if it is surrounded by “-quotes. And my laptop keyboard is
broken. The `-key felt off and I cannot type it there at all.

> and I doubt they'll look forward to reopen it.

If they do not do it before dropping the “Candidate”, they never will

>a good starting point is where Michael Kay
suggested chevrons

Perhaps the language would become better, if you stopped voting and just let
Mike decide everything.

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