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[Bug 29470] [xslt30] Polyfills

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Suggested specification outline:

Rules for Polyfill functions

A polyfill is a user-written function in a reserved namespace
A polyfill SHOULD NOT be defined unless it implements a specification issued by
the authority for that namespace
A polyfill function MUST specify a value (yes or no) for the
override-extension-function attribute [which is interpreted as
Something about having package scope...
?Allow xsl:original


Valid reasons for using a polyfill include:

The vendor has not implemented the function (e.g. xs:dateTimeStamp)
The vendor's implementation of the function is non-conformant
The vendor's implementation of the function does not meet performance
The specification of the function leaves aspects implementation-dependent or
-defined, and this causes interoperability problems (e.g. the vendor's
implementation of normalize-unicode does not provide a required normalization

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