[Bug 29231] [XT30] tests import-0001 and import-0002


--- Comment #7 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Regarding comment #4, we only need to consider whether the xsl namespace node
should be present on the <out> element. That's the key difference between the
results expected by the test and the result you want. If we consider the LRE
rules as applied to the <out> LRE, they tell us that the corresponding element
in the result tree gets a namespace node for the xsl namespace, and nothing
else is going to remove this.

Regarding comment #5, the note you cite says that the fact that a namespace
node X=Y is present on a parent element does not necessarily mean that a
namespace node for X will also be present on its children. That rule might
(sometimes) mean that a namespace that's present on <out> isn't present on the
children of <out>, but it can't cause any namespace nodes to be removed from
the outermost element <out>.

There is no rule that namespace nodes can be removed from an element because
they are not in use. Namespace fixup never removes namespace nodes, it only
adds them.

Serialization eliminates redundant namespaces, but it will never eliminate a
namespace from the outermost element because a namespace node on the outermost
element can never be considered redundant. (A namespace is not redundant
because it is unused, it can only be redundant because the same namespace
appears on an ancestor element.)

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