[Bug 29231] [XT30] tests import-0001 and import-0002


--- Comment #6 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I don't think namespace fixup plays any part in this. Namespace fixup is
relevant only when an element or attribute has a name in a particular namespace
but has no namespace node providing a binding for that namespace. Since <out>
is in no namespace and has no attributes, there is no need for namespace fixup
to do anything. In this case the namespace node is generated not because of the
namespace fixup rules, but because of the namespace aliasing rules.

In the absence of the namespace alias: the <out> element would have two
in-scope namespaces "xsl" and "f" (plus the trivial "xml" binding, of course).
No namespace nodes (other than "xml") would be generated because the xsl
namespace is implicitly an excluded namespace, while the f namespace is
explicitly excluded. 

But the rules for namespace aliasing kick in before the rules for namespace
exclusion, and the effect of these rules is unambiguously that the new <out>
element has a namespace node for the xsl namespace.

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