[Bug 4378] error in K2-NodeTest-21


--- Comment #26 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I didn't say it would be disruptive for the implementation, I said it would be
disruptive for the spec. That's because we need to introduce a new component to
the static context (e.g. "has-defined-focus"), define how it is initialized,
define what constructs change it, and so on.

It does become disruptive for the implementation as well if the implementation
needs to distinguish places where it is allowed to raise a static error (e.g.
within xsl:function or within XPath inline functions) from places where it
isn't allowed to do so (e.g. within a named template after inlining), or if we
have a different error code for absent focus within a function versus absent
focus in the top-level XPath expression.

Existing applications that call XPath from say Java might be testing for an
XPDY0002 error code and would be affected if we change it to XPTY0004.

Many test cases would be affected by a change of error code.

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