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[Bug 28540] [FO30] [FO31] defaults for serialization parameters with fn:serialize not defined

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Date: Wed, 06 May 2015 02:41:20 +0000
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--- Comment #5 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
I don't see the backward compatibility issue. If previously XQuery specified
implementation-defined, it already means that different implementations may
have different defaults. Specifying a default removes that ambiguity.

Also, I think that both XQuery and XSLT can override the defaults of XPath, and
such an override could itself be specified as "implementation defined",
possibly with a *should* or *may* pointing to the XPath default.

The point here is to define a default for XPath on itself, outside of the
context of XQuery or XSLT.

On comment#3:

> encoding               utf-8

I would opt for utf-16 here, it seems more appropriate to the likely internal
encoding of the string, which most platforms will have as utf-16 in memory.

> item-separator         tab

Wouldn't a space be closer to the principal of least-surprise, as it is already
the default for tokens and combining sequences?

> omit-xml-declaration   no

If we'd assume further string-processing, comparing, searching etc, "yes" seems
more appropriate. For an in-memory string presentation, I see little use for an
xml declaration. Also, consider the scenario where you output a sequence of
atomic values, an xml declaration as default seems out of place then.

My 2p, incl. above changes, would then be:

allow-duplicate-names      no
byte-order-mark            no
cdata-section-elements     empty
doctype-public             none
doctype-system             none
encoding                   utf-16
escape-uri-attributes      yes
html-version               5
include-content-type       yes
indent                     no
item-separator             &#x20
json-node-output-method    xml
media-type                 depends on the chosen method
method                     xml
normalization-form         none
omit-xml-declaration       yes
standalone                 omit (prefer over no)
suppress-indentation       empty
undeclare-prefixes         no
use-character-maps         empty
version                    1.0

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