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[Bug 17226] [QT3TS] CastAs-UnionType-16

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Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> ---
Can you clarify why a constructor function is expected for s:lowercaseName?


"For every generalized atomic type in the in-scope schema types (except
xs:NOTATION and xs:anyAtomicType, which are not instantiable), a constructor
function is implicitly defined."

[Definition: A generalized atomic type is a type which is either (a) an atomic
type or (b) a pure union type ].

[Definition: A pure union type is an XML Schema union type that satisfies the
following constraints: (1) {variety} is union, (2) the {facets} property is
empty, .....

s:lowercaseName has facets so it isn't a pure union type or a generalized
atomic type.  The test description is "Constructor function for union type with

Am I missing something?

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