[Bug 28525] [XSLT30] (editorial) Allowed/disallowed attributes of xsl:param


--- Comment #2 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
You seem to be suggesting something like the following:

xsl:param in           tunnel       static       select       required
---------------------- ------------ ------------ ------------ -------------
xsl:stylesheet etc     no           yes|no       allowed      yes|no
xsl:package            no           yes|no       allowed      yes|no
xsl:template           yes|no       no           allowed      yes|no
xsl:function           no           no           *** 1)       yes
xsl:iterate            no           no           *** 2)       yes

To bring all in line and make it orthogonal, what should we do with the
select-attribute? For xsl:function it is currently disallowed, for xsl:iterate
it is mandatory.

For xsl:iterate it may be reasonable to have a default value of ".". For
xsl:function we could simply ignore it if present (and a processor can issue a
warning). It could also be used on xsl:function to specify default values for
overloads with missing arguments, but I believe that ship has already sailed

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