[Bug 28174] [F+O 3.1] schema for json-to-xml() namespace: automatically imported?


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I was asked to make a proposal to resolve this.

The essence of my proposal is:

1. The schema components for the XML results of fn:analyze-string and
fn:json-to-xml should NOT be automatically added to the static context; they
should be added to the context only if explicitly imported (using import schema
in the case of XQuery).

2. In XQuery and XSLT, the processor must accept an import-schema declaration
for the relevant namespaces. If such a declaration includes a schema location,
the schema location must be ignored (no error occurs if no schema is present at
the location, or if the wrong schema is present at the location, etc), and the
schema as defined in our specifications is added to the static context.

3. In XPath, mechanisms for adding schema components to the static context are

4. The XDM trees returned by fn:analyze-string and fn:json-to-xml should be
typed (have non-trivial type annotations on element and attribute nodes) if and
only if the processor is able to handle typed data (in XQuery this means if the
processor implements the typed data feature), unless the user has requested
otherwise (in an implementation-defined way).

I think point 4 probably belongs in F+O, the other points belong in the host
language specs.

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