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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
This was discussed on the telcon today. 3 possible solutions were proposed:

(a) treat the value as "not found"

(b) throw an error

(c) remove the accessor from the spec (no-one actually references it).

Josh was inclined towards (b). Both MK and Josh felt that the accessor
functions here were rather pointless.

Coming to this again after the meeting, I think the accessors map:get() and
map:contains() as currently defined are pointless not just because no-one
currently uses them, but because they are not fit for use: they fail to define
behaviour precisely enough to underpin operations in the language such as
map:get(); for example they don't say anything about how equality of keys is
established. One solution to this might be to have a more primitive accessor
function: in place of the current three accessors, have a single accessor
map:entries() which returns an array of 2-member arrays, each 2-member array
being a key/value pair.

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