[Bug 28476] [SER 3.1]JSON serialization: escaping strings


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--- Comment #5 from Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> ---
Serialization-json-42 and Serialization-json-57 allow the serialization error
(SESU0007) since implementations are not required to support US-ASCII.  See
section 9.1.3:

"The encoding parameter identifies the encoding that the JSON output method
MUST use to convert sequences of characters to sequences of bytes. Serializers
are REQUIRED to support values of UTF-8 and UTF-16. A serialization error
[err:SESU0007] occurs if the serializer does not support the encoding specified
by the encoding parameter."

These tests also allow the character to be escaped.  From Section 4, bullet 3.
"Escape according to the rules of the XML, HTML, or JSON output method, ...
where JSON requires escaping, and any characters that cannot be represented in
the selected encoding."

By the way, I raised the same concern as you about strings (see bug 27330).

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