[Bug 24497] Missing posture and operands for streamability of xsl:merge


--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I think we should keep this simple; doing a merge while we are already
processing a streamed document is not a use case we need to pursue. So I think
the rule should be:

* The xsl:merge instruction is grounded and motionless if every
xsl:merge-source child element satisfies the following conditions:

** The for-each-item expression, if present, is grounded and motionless

** The for-each-stream expression, if present, is grounded and motionless

** If neither the for-each-item nor for-each-stream attribute is present, then
the select expression is grounded and motionless

* Otherwise the xsl:merge instruction is roaming and free-ranging.

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