[Bug 24539] Position of XTSE3340 in the text


Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I've moved the error description as suggested, but it occurs to me that perhaps
we don't need this error any more, because as explained in 2.3.4 it is now
possible to pass parameters to the initial template. So I think the error
should simply disappear. 

This takes us to XTDE0060. The paraphrase of XTDE0060 in section 2.3.4 is fine
(it says that if the initial template has required parameters, values for those
parameters must be supplied. But the actual definition of XTDE0060 in section
2.3.5 is incorrect and misplaced (it has nothing to do with functions, and it's
only an error if no value is actually supplied).

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