[Bug 19004] [QT3TS] format-integer tests expecting err:FODF1310


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--- Comment #1 from O'Neil Delpratt <oneil@saxonica.com> 2012-09-26 15:47:09 UTC ---
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> The F&O 3.0 specification states that
> "If the primary format token contains at least one Unicode digit then it is
> taken as a decimal digit pattern, and in this case it must match the regular
> expression ^((\p{Nd}|#|[^\p{N}\p{L}])+?)$. If it contains a digit but does not
> match this pattern, an error is raised [err:FODF1310]."

Further down in the format-integer section of the specification there are some
'must' statements, indicating rules which the picture must abide by. The tests
are edge cases of these.

Therefore, the specification should be clearer in regards to defining a error
code for the 'must' statement and the regex.

I am raising this as a F&O spec issue. The change required is trivial enough,
but it does require flagging up to the WG.

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