[Bug 19671] [XQ3.0] Backwards compatibility and the version declaration


--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Under the rules as currently written, an XQuery 3.0 processor either has to
incorporate an XQuery 1.0 processor (which means, for example, that it has to
understand and enforce all the rules for module circularity that have been
swept away in XQuery 3.0), or it has to reject a query labelled as XQuery 1.0.
I don't believe that implementors of XQuery 3.0 processors will relish the
prospect of implementing (or retaining an implementation of) restrictions that
are no longer relevant in the 3.0 specification, but the alternative of
rejecting valid XQuery 1.0 queries is equally unpleasant.

But at the very least we need to add an entry to the currently empty list of
incompatibilities, to say that a (pure) XQuery 3.0 processor rejects all
queries labelled as XQuery 1.0.

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