[Bug 14955] [QT3TS] test-set 'prod-VersionDecl' is also a mess


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--- Comment #10 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org> 2012-07-17 02:25:25 UTC ---
(I finally have some time + inclination to look at this again.)

> To move forward to resolve this bug I have made changes to
> the tests in question.

I would have preferred that the WG first make a decision on the basic question:
Should the test-suite include test-cases where the results are

> Please can you Michael confirm that changes are acceptable
> for the test-set prod-VersionDecl.

I'd say the test-set is still a mess, though not as bad.

("vd" = "version_declaration" ...)

vd-001 & vd-002:
For each, the expectation is now any-of a specified value or <error code="*"/>.
However, the spec says that the result is implementation-dependent, so in fact,
an implementation that returned some value other than the 'expected' one would
be conformant but wouldn't pass the test.

(This is also true of K-VersionProlog-1.)

Perhaps, if we're going to keep these test-cases, we need an element
<implementation-dependent/> to properly express their expectation. (The
documentation for it could also explain the point of including 'unfailable'
tests in the test suite. E.g., see bug 13445 comment 2.)

vd-003 & vd-004:
The fact that $input-context is undefined (which Tim Mills pointed out in
comment 5) is presumably an error introduced when migrating test-cases from
XQTS into TS3. The variable certainly wasn't undefined in the corresponding
XQTS cases, because $input-context was part of the XQTS-wide conventions for
supplying context to test queries. Thus, the proper response to comment 5 would
have been to repair the queries, not change their expectations.

vd-005 to vd-009:
These cases are (now) basically the same as prolog-version-8 to -12
respectively. There's no point having both. Generally, I'd recommend dropping
the latter, but someone should first check whether the (long-standing)
differences between vd-005 and pv-8 signify anything.

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