[Bug 12637] Use of partial-apply() and some smaller bugs in HOF cases


--- Comment #3 from Peter M. Fischer <peter.fischer@inf.ethz.ch> 2011-05-12 10:33:58 UTC ---
Another amendment:
It seems that my comments in #2 are now fixed in CVS.

I encountered some additional issues when revisiting the tests:

- What are the correct error codes for hof-915 and -916? The catalog lists
FOFU0001, but this code is not defined or referenced in the XQuery 3.0 or F&O
3.0 drafts. 

- The expected results for hof-046 and -047 use indentation, likely to make
them more readable for humans. According to my understanding of the guideline
for XQTS, indentation should not be used, and the query does not produce this
whitespace by itself.

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