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[Bug 9907] [FO11] Inconsistent treatment of zero and negative zero

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Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 23:14:25 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2010-06-10 23:14:24 ---
I suggest resolving this as follows.

1. In DM 1.1, perhaps in a new subsection of 2.6, state that: the xs:float and
xs:double data types as used in DM have the same value space as in XSD 1.1,
specifically they include both negative and positive zero, and in this respect
they differ from XSD 1.0. To accommodate this difference, when converting from
an xs:string to an xs:float or xs:double, it is implementation-defined whether
the lexical value "-0" (and similar forms such as "-0.0") convert to negative
zero or to positive zero in the value space.

2. In FO 1.1:

2.1 In 4.1 (numeric types), change the Note to explain the treatment of
negative zero

2.2 In 14.4.4 (fn:min) change the explanation of the example that uses negative

2.3 In 17.1 (constructor functions) change the explanation of how the
constructor functions for xs:float and xs:double handle negative zero:
specifically, that the XSD 1.1 mapping of "-0" to negative zero is preferred,
but that mapping the lexical representation "-0" to positive zero is acceptable
for compatibility with XSD 1.0 processors.

2.4 In (casting to xs:float) change the Note likewise

2.5 In (casting to xs:double) change the Note likewise

Note that the original problem identified in bug #9605 with the wording of
fn:round has already been fixed as a side-effect of the rewriting of the rules
for this function when the optional second argument was introduced.

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