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[Bug 7823] [SER] Description of escaping rules for script and style elements in HTML mode not clear

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Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Henry Zongaro <zongaro@ca.ibm.com>  2009-11-27 15:43:21 ---
The second example box of section 7.1 advises the reader against attempting to
serialize a sequence in which a SCRIPT element will contain the sequence of
characters </ - but it then goes on to say that it is possible to do so, using
either nested elements or by constructing text that will be serialized as start
and end element tags in the content of a SCRIPT element.

Given that the example box indicates that it's possible to use elements in the
content of a SCRIPT element, I believe the intent was that any attribute values
and text node in the content of the SCRIPT would not be escaped - not just the
text node children.

I propose the following edit to make this intent clear.  In the fourth
paragraph of section 7.1, change "MUST NOT perform escaping for the content of
the script and style elements." to "MUST NOT perform escaping for any text node
descendant, nor for any attribute of an element node descendant, of a script or
style element."

(For whatever it's worth, our implementation (WebSphere XML Feature Pack)
produces output similar to that of Saxon.)

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