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[Bug 5631] [UPD] rename and namespace inheritance

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Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@redhat.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@redhat.com>  2009-04-28 10:05:32 ---
When I attempted to implement this, I realized that
 presents two different ways to handle the semantics of namespace propagation,
and the minutes do not tell me which of these to use:

  A difficulty with propagating namespaces is that it could cause new kinds of
  conflicts, and that the result could depend on the order in which operations
  on the PUL are applied. For example consider:


  and an update that renames <a> to <p:a xmlns:p="p.uri"> while renaming <b>
  to <p:b xmlns:p="q.uri"/>. Then if the rename of <a> is done first, the
  rename of <b> would fail because the <b> element has acquired a conflicting
  namespace binding for the prefix "p". But if <b> is renamed first, there is
  no conflict, because the propagation of the namespace binding will
  (presumably) stop when another binding of the same prefix is encountered.

  It is possible to solve this problem by doing all propagation of namespaces
  at the end, after all other update actions have been completed (but before
  revalidation). This can be done using a similar idea to the way we "mark
  nodes for revalidation". Wherever we add a namespace binding to an element
  node, we "mark the namespace binding for propagation", and after step 5 of
  upd:applyUpdates(), we add:

  5.1 For each namespace binding that is marked for propagation,
  upd:propagate-namespace($element, $prefix, $uri) is invoked, where $element
  is the element node on which the namespace binding appears, $prefix is the
  namespace prefix, and $uri is the namespace URI. 

Neither my notes nor the minutes tell me whether we decided to adopt this part,
marked as "possible" in the proposal.

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