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[3] ft-3.4.3-examples-q3.xq

It's good to hear your opinion on this query, as I surely had quite an
implementation-centered approach in my mind here. As I feel that this issue is
more complicated as I thought first, I'll add an extra "bug" to discuss the
relationship between Thesaurus and match options.

Considering the relationship between "Merrygould" and "Marigold", I would
indeed expect the "soundex.xml" file to be modified. This was my suggestion..

    <relationship>sounds like</relationship>

    <relationship>sounds like</relationship>

If I process a thesaurus request, I look up the input word (Merrygould) and
return all words that are linked with the "sounds like" relationship to this
term. I have no access to the complete ISO 2788 standard, but, as far as I
know, the "sounds like" relationship is not defined there. So an XQuery
implementation has to "guess" how a "unknown" relationship like this one works.
I treat all undefined relationships as unidirectional, i.e. I will currently
return "Merrygould" for the input term "Marigold" - but not the other way
round. If the xml file will be modified as proposed above, the relationship can
be consistently answered like the other thesaurus examples.

If you have a different opinion or think I'm wrong, don't hesitate to tell me.

--I see sounds like as a two way equivalency similar to synonym, but I don't
claim to know how the thesaurus should be structured either. So to get this
solved, I have put both entries in the thesaurus. Hope that is OK.

[5] ft-3.4.3-expressions-q3

Now, result should be defined as "Fragment" in XQFTCatalog.xml..


[9] thesaurus-queries-results-q5 / q5b / q6 / q6b

Different spellings: "misspelling-of" vs "misspelling of"..

--I looked in the queries, the spellcheck thesaurus, and the use cases and
don't see any hyphenated versions. Where are you looking?


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