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[Bug 6809] [FT] Test Suite - Thesaurus Queries

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Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2009-04-16 17:03:31 ---
Hi Christian.

Some responses follow:

[1] ft-3.4.3-examples-q1

The usability.xml thesaurus file returns the synonym "tasks" for the query
input "duties" - but the queried document node includes only the word in
singular ("task" instead of "tasks"). Is this intended?

--Yes. I didn't notice that example in the language document was wrong when I
copied it into the test suite. I have changed duties to duty in the query, 
added duty and task as synonyms in the thesaurus, and updated the description
in the catalog to fix it in the test suite. I corrected the query and the
description in the language document. I did not build the language document.

[2] ft-3.4.3-examples-q2

The thesaurus offers the terms "navigation", "layout" and "terminology" for the
query phrase "web site components", but all of the terms are not included in
the tested document node.

--Sigh. This example does not work against the sample document in the language
document. It works against the sample document in the use cases. So I reworked
it to work against the sample document in the language document. I searched on
people and set users up as an NT for people in the usability thesaurus. Fixed
in both the test suite and the language document.

[3] ft-3.4.3-examples-q3.xq

In this query, words similar to "Merrygould" are to be found. As "case
insensitive" is the default options, the term is converted to "merrygould" in
my tests - so the thesaurus doesn't return any result.

--Realizing now that case insensitive does not mean lower case, we search on
"Merrygould". "Merrygould" and "Marigold" are in the thesaurus. "Marigold" is
found in the sample document, so I am at loss as to why we are talking about
case at all in this query. I don't understand how Mary's comments apply to this
one. I have made no changes.

[5] ft-3.4.3-expressions-q3

The thesaurus returns "software" for the term "program"; this term seems to be
included in two books (number 1 and 3), but the current result contains only
book 1.

--So true. I added Bk 3 to the result.

[6] ft-3.4.3-expressions-q5

..references the missing file "TechnicalThesaurus.xml".

--My bad again. I corrected the thesaurus name to UsabilityThesaurus.xml.

[7] ft-3.4.3-expressions-q6

parentheses missing before "default" and after "NT". I guess that the Thesaurus
should also accept the original query terms and not only synonyms; is this
correct? If "yes", then book number 3 should be added as result, as it contains
the term "Computers".

--Yes. Added the parentheses to the query. Added Bk 3 to the results. I also
changed the operator in the query from ftor to ftand, otherwise since program
is nowhere in the sample document, there would be no result at all.

[8] thesaurus-queries-results-q2 / q2b

As the used relationship is "narrower terms" here (instead of "NT" or "narrower
term") - do you expect implementations to recognize all kinds of writings, or ?

--Ouch. That probably was a bit rude of me. I have duplicated the entry in the
thesaurus and made the relationships in the second copy "narrower terms", so
that no translation from NT to narrower terms is required. 

[9] thesaurus-queries-results-q5 / q5b / q6 / q6b

"spellcheck.xml" and "OurTaxonomy.xml" don't exist yet.

--I added the 2 thesauri.

Again, many thanks Christian for pointing these out so I could correct them.

Please let me know what you think and if you think these responses combined
with Michael D's are adequate, please close the bug.

Pat Case

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