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[Bug 6802] [FT] Test Suite Revised

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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 13:15:06 +0000
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Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Pat Case <pcase@crs.loc.gov>  2009-04-16 13:15:05 ---
Hi Christian,

I have some responses for you.

[3] ftstemming-q5.xq

I would only expect one book as result (the first one), as the second book does
not contain a stemmed "improve" term.

--Yes. I have removed the Bk 2 from the results.

[9] full-text-composability-queries-results-q5.xq

The "if/then/else" expression is parsed and output as part of the text node:

  ...if (count($book/metadata/author) &gt; 0) ...

--Corrected. Here is the new return statement:
return <book number="{$book/@number}">
          if (count($book/metadata/author) > 0)
          then ($book/metadata/author, $in, $pin)
          else ($book/metadata/publicationInfo/publisher, $in, $pin)

--Will also fix in use cases.

[10] xquery-xpath-composability-queries-results-q9.xq

I get the expected result if the count(..) function is rewritten a little:

  old: count(./part/chapter) * 3
  new: count($cont/part/chapter) * 4

--The Full Text Task Force discussed the ./part/chapter and decided that it was
acceptable syntax. I corrected the 3 to 4. 

--Will also fix in use cases.

[11] ftmatchoptions-q1.xq, ftlanguage-q2.xq

Alternative error "FTST0009" missing.

--Added, also to ftlanguage-q1.xq

[15] ftstopword-q4.xq - ftstopword-q9.xq

"StopWordList1.xml" does not exist ("StopWordList.xml" ?)

--Fixed to "StopWordList.xml" Also in ftstopword-q5.xq and ftstopword-q6.xq and
ftstopword-q7.xq and ftstopword-q8.xq

[16] ftstopword-q4.xq, ftstopword-q7.xq, ftstopword-q8.xq

"union" -> "union at" / "except" -> "except at"

--Fixed as proposed. Also in ftstopword-q9.xq

[17] ftstopword-q7.xq 

"FTST0008" expected, as StopWordList3.xml is missing.

--Fixed the query to call the right stop word lista 1,2,4,5. Also

[18] ftstopword-q9.xq

Parsing issue; superfluous "("

--I removed the ()s. I agree they weren't necessary.


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