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[Bug 5295] [XSLT 2.0] xsl:for-each-group: transitivity

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:40:11 +0000
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------- Comment #5 from zongaro@ca.ibm.com  2008-03-13 14:40 -------
In order to eliminate the possibility (raised by Michael Dyck in comment #2)
that an item with one grouping key could be added to more than one group, I
propose the additional refinement to Michael Kay's proposal of comment #1 that
the sequence of grouping keys for an item should be considered in order.  For
each item in the population in population order, for each of the grouping keys
for that item in sequence, the extant groups should be processed in some
implementation dependent order.  Processing for that grouping key of the items
stops with the first such group that has a grouping key that is eq to the
current grouping key for the item.  The item is added to the group, unless it
was already added to it.  If there is no such group, the item becomes the first
member of a new group, and the current grouping key for the item becomes the
grouping key for the group.

I think that would ensure that an item cannot be added to more groups than it
has grouping keys.  It also would specify which of the multiplicity of grouping
keys for an item would be the grouping key for a group.
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