[Bug 5795] Static Typing: CVS: K2-Steps-2, K2-FunctionProlog-14


--- Comment #19 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-06-30 09:28:35 ---
>Any expression of type empty can be rewritten as the empty sequence.

Section 4 states:

During static analysis, it is a type error for an expression to have the empty
type, except for the following expressions and function calls:

    * Empty parentheses (), which denote the empty sequence.
    * The fn:data function and all functions in the fs namespace applied to
empty parentheses ().
    * Any function which returns the empty type.

If this rule is to make sense at all, then it must surely be applied before
doing any rewrites. You can't rewrite an expression as "()" as a way of getting
around this rule.

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