[Bug 5727] [XQuery] Syntax ambiguities with leading "/"


--- Comment #9 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2008-08-04 14:41:59 ---
(1) The proposal in comment #8 does not address the problem that if these rules
are adopted,

/ < 5

now parses in XPath but not in XQuery. Perhaps that's acceptable.

(2) What about

/ instance of document-node(schema-element(x))

Are we saying this must be reported as a syntax error? I might be reluctant to
implement that because I don't want to invalidate existing stylesheets - it's a
perfectly reasonable thing to write, although I agree it's arguably illegal
already (depends on what you think "keyword" means - I allow it because my
parser recognizes "instance of" as a single token, which cannot appear at the
start of a RelativePathExpr).

Michael Kay

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