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[Bug 1756] [FS] editorial: 7.2.3 The fn:abs, fn:ceiling, fn:floor, fn:round, and fn:round-half-to-even functions

[Bug 3567] [UPDUseCases] Spec unclear whether queries are "cumulative" or not

[Bug 3578] [UPDUseCases] Issues with May 8th Usecase Draft

[Bug 3946] [FS] Typing of processing-instructions

[Bug 4278] emptyorderdecl (XQueryX)

[Bug 4281] version_declaration-010

[Bug 4282] base-uri-12, -13 (XQueryX)

[Bug 4448] [F+O] Return type of op:subtract-dateTimes, op:subtract-dates, op:subtract-times

[Bug 4463] [XQuery] Missing rules for misuse of the xmlns namespace

[Bug 4519] [XDM] Definition of is-id property

[Bug 4525] [UPD] Section 2.2: make semantics clearer of revalidation mode

[Bug 4538] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename: Impact of DTD

[Bug 4539] [UPD] Section 2.4.5 Transform: rewording

[Bug 4541] [UPD] Section 2.5.1 FLWOR Expression

[Bug 4595] 1.0.3dev: document(*) with undefined context item

[Bug 4668] [Full text LC draft sec. 3.2] Examples with "because" need a change

[Bug 4694] [XQX] <forLetClauseItemExtensions> element not documented

[Bug 4697] [FT] editorial: 1.1 Full-Text Search and XML

[Bug 4698] [FT] editorial: 2.1 Processing Model

[Bug 4701] [FT] editorial: 2.3 Score Variables

[Bug 4714] [FT] editorial: 3.5.2 Window Selection

[Bug 4719] [FT] editorial: 3.7 Ignore Option

[Bug 4720] [FT] editorial: 4 Semantics

[Bug 4722] [FT] editorial: 4.1.1 Examples

[Bug 4723] [FT] editorial: 4.1.2 Representations of Tokenized Text and Matching

[Bug 4724] [FT] editorial: 4.2.3 The evaluate function

[Bug 4733] [FT] editorial: E XML Syntax (XQueryX) for XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0

[Bug 4734] [FT] editorial: E.1 XQueryX representation of XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0

[Bug 4735] [FT] editorial: E.3 XQueryX for XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text 1.0 example

[Bug 4765] [XQX] normalization of <xqx:attributeValue> element in <xqx:attributeConstructor> different for equivalent documents

[Bug 4773] [XQTS] version encoding tests should not have XQX counterparts

[Bug 4832] static typing: 'attribute' and 'element' need asterisk

[Bug 4841] [FS] Use of fn:subsequence in relation to normalization rules for filter expressions in FS

[Bug 4864] 1.0.3dev: K2-CopyNamespacesProlog-1

[Bug 4869] [FS] Enclosed expressions and namespaces

[Bug 4921] [XSLT 2.0] Combining group-starting-with and group-ending-with

[Bug 4924] [XQX] Arguably incorrect element definition in XQueryX's Schema

[Bug 4925] [XQX] Wrong XQueryX.xsd schema stored at namespace resolution address

[Bug 4927] [FO] 10.8.1, 10.8.2

[Bug 4939] [FO] Specify both "fn:f(a as t?) as r?" and "fn:f(a as t) as r"

[Bug 4946] "all markup creates token boundaries"

[Bug 4949] Suggested extension to fn:replace (first match only)

[Bug 4955] Extra whitespace in expected results for fn-id-8, fn-id-23, fn-idref-8, fn-idref-18, fn-idref-23

[Bug 4956] Expected results for fn-doc-23

[Bug 4958] [XQTS] Attribute tests in XQueryX have incorrect axis

[Bug 4962] [Serialization]: Empty tag representation

[Bug 4963] [XQX] Removed element xqx:parenthesizedExpr used in example

[Bug 4964] [XQTS] XQueryX tests expansion of carriage return

[Bug 4965] [XQTS] Incorrect unicode characters in XQueryX tests

[Bug 4966] [XQTS] XQueryX versions of K2-DirectConElemNamespace-17 and K2-DirectConElemNamespace-18

[Bug 4967] [XQTS] XQueryX version of Constr-attr-ws-1

[Bug 4968] Use Case "Character", Use Case "Logical", Use Case "XQuery-XPath-Composability"*

[Bug 4969] Use Case "XQuery-XPath-Composability"

[Bug 4970] Use Case "Thesaurus"

[Bug 4971] incorrect FLWOR expression in multiple use cases

[Bug 4972] wrong scope usage in use case XQuery-XPath-Composability

[Bug 4973] wrong variable name in use case Ignore

[Bug 4974] Clarify error condition in fn:normalize-space()

[Bug 4975] Incorrect expected result for Constr-namespace-13

[Bug 4979] [XSLT 2++] Enhancement: declare default identity template

[Bug 4980] Optimization rules

[Bug 4984] xs:untyped a `primitive simple type'?

[Bug 4996] [XQTS] XQueryX Newline normalization in CDATA constructors

[Bug 4997] Replace of attribute nodes can be ambiguous

[southerncross] BARIENT 19 WINCH, PAWL SPRINGS

xquery validation and insignificant whitespace

XSLT empty tag representation

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