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[Bug 3756] Pre-canonicalize the testsuite

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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 14:36:33 +0000
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------- Comment #11 from frans.englich@telia.com  2006-09-22 14:36 -------
If any kind of output normalization is deployed it needs to be done in a
verifiable and maintainable way. A patch or two can fix some issues that are
found by a particular harness driver at this point, but it doesn't help when
bugs are fixed and the test suite is potentially further developed in the
future. That's why I mention a tool here, such that the task force can
guarantee any promises it gives.

So, I doubt patches would be accepted. However, I do think the more general
ideas behind this surely has it merits and that it should be considered for
further development.

My best advice is what Michael said; to do string comparisons and in the cases
they fail, fallback to c14n comparison(or functional equivalent).

This is only my personal response. The task force will discuss and take action
on this report.
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