[Bug 3790] spurious space in copynamespace-3.txt ... copynamespace-6.txt


------- Comment #4 from per@bothner.com  2006-11-15 07:41 -------
I took a look at these testcases, as well as a 3 other copynamespace-X
that are (I believe) incorrectly failing.

I believe the result for the following should include the empty
prefix, so they should start with a space:
copynamespace-3 - should return " xml"
copynamespace-4 - should be " foo xml"
copynamespace-5 - should be " foo xml"
copynamespace-6 - should be " foo xml"

In copynamespace-9 I believe 'newNamespace' should be
inherited, so should be in the result.  I.e.:
copynamespace-9 - should be "newNamespace xml"

For copynamespace-16, I believe when $element2 is copied into
the <element3>constructor, the newly copied nodes *including
the copied element1 node* inherit the namespace3 binding.
So, according to my reading of the specification:
copynamespace-16 - should be "namespace3 xml"

I believe the same argument applies here:
copynamespace-20 - should be "namespace3 xml"

Hopefully, some experts can confirm or disconfirm my readings.

Received on Wednesday, 15 November 2006 07:41:14 UTC