[Bug 3618] [FT] let score clause


------- Comment #4 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2006-11-01 17:41 -------

I appreciate that a bug report on full text isn't the place to be committing
joint working groups to any future xpath extensions, so I understand your
reluctance to expand on the initial reply, but then in that case I think it's
more accurate to say that there are currently no plans to add let to xpath, so
the initial reply which was used to mark this report as "fixed" was at best
misleading "once the let clause is being added" might better have been phrased
as "if in some future release xpath syntax is extended". As such (if the
specification isn't changed) I think this report would have to be marked as
"WONTFIX" rather than "FIXED".

> If all you are talking only about syntactic differences, then of course the
> difference significantly affects where and how a score may be requested.

I was asking for clarification on the reasoning given for the WG not using a
syntax more similar to position() which was;
> "a score value is not intrinsic to the node like its position"
whatever the merits of the chosen score syntax and any proposed alternatives
the reasoning given here appears to be simply false: the position of a node as
returned by position() is not an intrinsic property of a node. 


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