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You asked:
   Do you mean that there is an intention to add let to Xpath 2+n? Is there any
(public or W3C member) list of proposed additions where this is documented?

I think it's safer to say that the XML Query and XSL WGs did nothing to XPath
2.0 that would rule out that possibility.  As it happens, the WGs are currently
starting their planning cycle for their future work and I'm sure that the
possibility of adding the let clause to XPath will be suggested by at least one
party.  Because this reply gets copied to public-qt-comments, there is nothing
else that I can add. 

With respect to scoring, you also asked:
   In what way would this be different from score() ?

If all you are talking only about syntactic differences, then of course the
difference significantly affects where and how a score may be requested. 
Semantically, it would be no different (as far as I can tell).  I won't claim
to speak for each individual in the task force, but the resistance against
going the route of providing scoring via a function may be based on the hope
that it can be put into XPath in some future version.   Sorry I can't help more
with the reasoning behind this decision. 

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