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------- Comment #1 from mrys@microsoft.com  2006-11-01 03:59 -------
Hi David

The Fulltext TF discussed this issue at its face-to-face meeting and took the
following actions based on your feedback:

1. We change the syntax of the let expression to disallow let $v score $s and
simplify it to:

(("let" "$" VarName TypeDeclaration?) | ("let" "score" "$" VarName))
":=" ExprSingle
    ("," (("$" VarName TypeDeclaration?) | FTScoreVar) ":=" ExprSingle)*

We are also going to clarify that the expression provided to a score variable
will be interpreted as a boolean expression. That means that the normalization
will add a call to fn:boolean() to the expression tree that is being passed to
the internal score calculation engine.

We decided that allow any expression and allow minimal conforming
implementations to restrict themselves to and and or combinations of

As to the XPath proposal: We decided that we would consider this once the let
clause is being added to XPath. Using a score() context functions is somewhat
problematic since a score value is not intrinsic to the node like its position
but it depends on the score expression. So you could have an arbitrary number
of them associated with a node for every concurrent query.

The taskforce thinks that we have addressed your comments and we will resolve
the bug as FIXED. Please close it if you agree with the resolution or reopen it
if you are dissatisfied.

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