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------- Comment #3 from mike@saxonica.com  2006-06-23 13:12 -------
The Working Group discussed your comment and agreed it would be useful to add
some editorial text to the example explaining why the result is what it is,
along the lines of the explanation in comment #1. (There is a detailed
suggestion in the meeting minutes - member only).

Concerning your supplementary questions, since these are not comments on the
specification, it might be better to raise them on a forum such as query-talk
at xquery.com. I don't think your calculations are correct, as it happens:

* xs:time("00:00:00") and xs:time("00:00:00-01:00") will only be equal if the
implicit timezone is -01:00

* xs:time("00:00:00+01:00") and xs:time("24:00:00+05:00") will never be equal

* xs:time("00:00:00") and xs:time("24:00:00+09:00") will be equal only if the
implicit timezone is +09:00.

But the part of the rule that's relevant to this comment is that in any
comparison of two xs:time values, 24:00:00 gives the same result as 00:00:00
(in the same timezone, or in no timezone if there is none).

I'm marking this as FIXED and CLOSED on the basis that we decided to make the
example more clear. If you are not happy with this closure, please reopen the
bug. If you want further help in understanding the specification, I would
suggest you use a different forum.

Michael Kay
for the XSL and XQuery Working Groups

Received on Friday, 23 June 2006 13:12:34 UTC