[Bug 3377] About op:time-equal using xs:dateTime


------- Comment #2 from atsushi.ohtake.mf@hitachi.com  2006-06-22 11:01 -------
Thanks for your reply, Michael.

If I am according to your reply, we need more examples especially for 24:00:00
and 00:00:00.

And my understand is below that is according to your reply.

Assume that the dynamic context provides an implicit timezone value of -05:00.
Eop:time-equal(xs:time("23:00:00+00:00"), xs:time("00:00:00-01:00")) returns
Eop:time-equal(xs:time("00:00:00"), xs:time("00:00:00-01:00")) returns true.
Eop:time-equal(xs:time("00:00:00+01:00"), xs:time("24:00:00+05:00")) returns
Eop:time-equal(xs:time("00:00:00"), xs:time("24:00:00+09:00")) returns true.

My understand is correct ?

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