XIME-P 2006: Call for Participation [and Program Updates]

                        Call for Participation

                         X I M E - P   2 0 0 6
                    3rd International Workshop on
         XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives

                            June 30, 2006
         Collocated with ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2006, Chicago, USA
                       Sponsored by ACM SIGMOD

                          Industrial Sponsors
                    BEA  |  IBM  |  Oracle  |  X-Hive


    [ UPDATE: 10 XQuery system demos in the ''Caffeine and Code''
      joint coffee and demonstrations break.  Updated program below. ]

Please join us for XIME-P 2006, the third workshop in the XIME-P series,
dedicated to research and industrial efforts on the implementation,
utilization, and overall prospects of XQuery.

XQuery development is happening on the verge of databases, document
processing, and programming languages.  This ''heterogeneity'' in
contributions and attendees has been a source of lively debate and an
interesting technical program for previous XIME-P editions.  In this
spirit, XIME-P 2006 features a mixture of 7 talks, discussions,
10 system demos, and a concluding panel.  A keynote address by Don  
of IBM Almaden - a lead of the W3C XQuery Working Group - resumes the
program after the workshop lunch (included in registration).

Last but not least, all odds are that after 8 years of work XQuery
will become a standard at around the time of SIGMOD 2006, making 2006 a
landmark year for XQuery as well as XIME-P.

XIME-P 2006 is held in the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, i.e., the SIGMOD
2006 conference hotel, all-day on Friday, June 30, 2006.   The workshop
room is Riviere Ballroom D (3rd floor).

-- Program (Friday, June 30)

    08:30--09:00     Breakfast and On-site Registration
    09:00--10:00     Welcome
                     Session 1: Extensions to XQuery
                     Positional Grouping in XQuery
                       (Michael Kay)
                     Programming with XQuery
                       (Don Chamberlin, Mike Carey, Dana Florescu,
                       Donald Kossmann, Jonathan Robie)
    10:00--10:30     Coffee break
    10:30--12:00     Session 2: XQuery Implementation
                     A Fully Pipelined XQuery Processor
                       (Leonidas Fegaras, Ranjan Dash, YingHui Wang)
                     Template Folding for XPath
                       (Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte)
                     Building a Native XML-DBMS as a Term Project
                     in a Course
                       (Christoph Koch, Dan Olteanu,
                       Stefanie Scherzinger)
    12:00--01:30     Workshop Lunch (provided)
    01:30--02:30     Invited Talk by Don Chamberlin (IBM Almaden):
                     "XQuery: Where Do We Go From Here?"
    02:30--04:00     "Caffeine and Code"
                     Joint Coffee and Demonstration break.
                     Informal demonstrations of XQuery implementations
                     and applications. Unlimited bragging and
                     discussion opportunity.
    04:00--05:00     Session 3: XQuery and Annotated XML
                     Efficient XQuery Support for Stand-Off Annotation
                       (Wouter Alink, Raoul Bhoedjang,
                       Arjen de Vries, Peter Boncz)
                     Multi-hierarchical XQuery for Document-Centric XML
                       (Ionut E. Iacob, Alex Dekhtyar)
    05:00--06:00     Panel: Programming Languages for XML
                       Chair: Daniela Florescu (Oracle)

-- ''Caffeine and Code'': Coffee and XQuery System Demos

In the 2:30--4:00 pm afternoon session, enjoy your extended coffee break
and get to know novel and innovative XQuery implementations, tools,
applications as well as the developers behind the code. Ten one-minute
teaser talks and system demos invite you to listen, watch, chat, sip,
discuss, praise, and challenge.

Featured Demonstrations:

   Vinayak Borkar          XQuery Tools in the AquaLogic
   (BEA, USA) 	          Data Services Platform

   Jonathan Robie          XQuery Debugger in Stylus Studio
   (Data Direct, USA) 	

   Leonidas Fegaras        XQPull -- A Streaming XQuery Processor
   (U Texas at Arlington,

   Erik Meijer             XLINQ
   (Microsoft, USA) 	

   Carl-Christian Kanne    The Native XML Data Store Natix V2
   (U Mannheim, Germany) 	

   Chavdar Botev           XQuery Full-Text with Quark
   (Cornell U, USA) 	

   Ron Avnur               O'Reilly Media's SafariU XQuery-Based
   (Mark Logic, USA) 	  Content Publishing Application

   Alex Dekhtyar,          Multihierarchical XQuery
   Ionut E. Iacob
   (U of Kentucky, USA) 	

   Titash Neogi            A Help Framework Based on XQuery
   (Symantec, USA) 	

   Stefan Mangeold         MonetDB/XQuery: Purely Relational
   (CWI Amsterdam, NL) 	  XQuery Processing

-- Registration

Please register on-site while you are at SIGMOD 2006.  Registration
rates are shown below. Note that you can upgrade an existing SIGMOD 2006
registration to include XIME-P 2006.  Workshop-only registration is
possible as well.

         ACM Member         $80
         Non-Member         $120
         Student            $55

-- XIME-P 2006 Co-Chairs

   - Mike Carey                  - Torsten Grust

     BEA Systems Inc.              Technische Universitaet Muenchen
     San Jose, CA, USA             Munich, Germany
     mcarey@bea.com                grust@in.tum.de

-- XIME-P 2006 Program Committee

   - Kevin Beyer          (IBM Research, USA)
   - Angela Bonifati      (ICAR-CNR, Italy)
   - Vinayak Borkar       (BEA Systems, USA)
   - Daniela Florescu     (Oracle, USA)
   - Jan Hidders          (U Antwerp, Belgium)
   - Carl-Christian Kanne (U Mannheim, Germany)
   - Michael Kay          (Saxonica, UK)
   - Maurice van Keulen   (U Twente, Netherlands)
   - Ioana Manolescu      (INRIA, France)
   - Dan Olteanu          (U Saarland, Germany)
   - Martin Probst        (X-Hive, Netherlands)
   - Jonathan Robie       (DataDirect Technologies, USA)
   - Jai Shanmugasundaram (Cornell U, USA)
   - Jerome Simeon        (IBM Research, USA)
   - Dan Suciu            (U of Washington, USA)
   - Philip Wadler        (U Edinburgh, UK)

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