[Bug 3165] [XSLT 2.0] Need to be able to detect additional atomic types


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The Working Group discussed this on 14 June 2006 and decided to add a new
interrogative function. Colin, could you please confirm that this is an
acceptable resolution.

The function will appear in a new section 18.1.4 as follows:

18.1.1 Testing Availability of Types

The type-available function can be used, for example with the [xsl:]use-when
attribute (see 3.12 Conditional Element Inclusion), to explicitly control how a
stylesheet behaves if a particular schema type is not available in the static

type-available($type-name as xs:string) as xs:boolean

A schema type (that is, a simple type or a complex type) is said to be
available within an XPath expression if it is a type definition that is present
in the in-scope schema componentsXP for that expression (see 5.4.1 Initializing
the Static Context). This includes built-in types, types imported using
<elcode>xsl:import-schema</elcode>, and extension types defined by the

The value of the $type-name argument must be a string containing a lexical
QName. The lexical QName is expanded into an expanded-QName using the namespace
declarations in scope for the expression. If the lexical QName is unprefixed,
then the default namespace is used in the expanded QName.

The function returns true if and only if there is an available type whose name
matches the value of the $type-name argument.

[ERR XTDE1425] It is a non-recoverable dynamic error if the argument does not
evaluate to a string that is a valid QName, or if there is no namespace
declaration in scope for the prefix of the QName. If the processor is able to
detect the error statically (for example, when the argument is supplied as a
string literal), then the processor may optionally signal this as a static

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