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------- Additional Comments From simeon@us.ibm.com  2006-01-28 17:34 -------
I agree. I don't believe this is just an issue with the example though. The 
following rule in the same section:

xdt:untypedAtomic can be promoted to any type:

statEnv |-  xdt:untypedAtomic can be promoted to Type 

Is redundant with the use of the fs:convert-simple-operand in the
normalization of function calls [See Sections 4.1.5 Function Calls]
and [7.1.2 The fs:convert-simple-operand function].
As is, I think the 'can be promoted to' rule above is never
called as that fs:convert-simple-operand is applied before. So
we should be able to remove the rule and the example without changing
the semantics. That would make 'can be promoted to' consistent
with the english prose in the language book.

- Jerome

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