XIME-P 2006: Call for Papers

                            Call for Papers

                         X I M E - P   2 0 0 6
                    3rd International Workshop on
         XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives

                            June 30, 2006
         Collocated with ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2006, Chicago, USA


XIME-P 2006 invites original research contributions as well as reports
on industrial efforts on the implementation, utilization, and overall
prospects of XQuery.  Like the 2004 (Paris) and 2005 (Baltimore)
editions of the XIME-P workshop series, XIME-P 2006 will be held just
after and in cooperation with the ACM SIGMOD/PODS conference, this time
in Chicago (IL), USA.

Not too many weeks ago, the W3C XML Query Working Group published
Candidate Recommendations for the XQuery specification family, and
odds are that, after 8 years of work, XQuery will become a standard at
around the time of SIGMOD 2006.  In this landmark year for XQuery, the
3rd edition of the XIME-P workshop series will thus be an event of
particular importance and visibility.

One of the fascinating aspects of XQuery is that work on the
language specification, its implementation, and its application
is happening on the verge of databases, document processing, and
programming languages.  Computer science research and industry has
thus found quite a number of promising -- and sometimes completely
disjoint -- avenues to approach challenges in the XQuery domain.  This
''heterogeneity'' in contributions and attendees has been a source of
lively discussions, panels, and an interesting technical program for
previous XIME-P editions.  For 2006, we will try to underline this

Since the language is approaching W3C Recommendation status, XIME-P 2006
explicitly welcomes contributions which relate to standards-compliant
treatments of XQuery.  Technically, this aspect can be challenging --
especially when conformance and efficiency seem to be at odds (when in
reality they need not be).

The XIME-P 2006 program will feature talks and panels on research as
well as industrial efforts on the implementation and utilization of
XQuery.  We are delighted to report that Don Chamberlin, a lead in the
W3C XQuery Working Group as well as one of the original designers of
the SQL language, has agreed to give the XIME-P 2006 keynote speech.

-- XIME-P 2006 Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include the following (though interesting and/or
innovative papers on all aspects of XQuery are welcome):

   - XQuery implementation paradigms: native, relational, streaming
   - XQuery over very large XML instances
   - Impact and implementation of static and dynamic typing
   - The role of validation in efficient XQuery processors
   - XQuery debugging (esp. declarative debugging techniques)
   - XQuery and computing in the sciences
   - XQuery as a programming language
   - Coherent XQuery subsets and embedded XQuery processors
   - Teaching XQuery (XQuery in curricula and courses in general)

-- Paper Submission

XIME-P 2006 calls for original contributions relevant to the open
list of topics sketched above.  We explicitly welcome reports on
innovative, off-beat, and ''early stage'' approaches to the
implementation and application of XQuery as long as the submission
meets the high quality standards of the XIME-P workshop series.

   - Papers should be formatted according to the ACM guidelines and
     SIG proceedings templates available at


   - Papers should not exceed 6 pages in length (including references
     and appendices).  The mandatory submission file format is PDF.

   - More details on the submission process will be given on the XIME-P
     2006 web site (www.ximep-2006.org) shortly.

The primary publication medium for XIME-P has been and will be SIGMOD
DiSC.  This mode of publication ensures wide dissemination and high
visibility (e.g., in the ACM Digital Library and Michael Ley's DBLP
index).  Online proceedings will additionally hosted at the workshop
web site, www.ximep-2006.org.

-- Important Dates

   - Paper submission:           Mon, April 3, 2006
   - Notification of acceptance: Mon, May 8, 2006
   - Camera-ready papers due:    Fri, May 26, 2006
   - Workshop:                   Fri, June 30, 2006

-- XIME-P 2006 Co-Chairs

   - Mike Carey                  - Torsten Grust

     BEA Systems Inc.              Technische Universitaet Muenchen
     San Jose, CA, USA             Munich, Germany
     mcarey@bea.com                grust@in.tum.de

Please address questions or comments to ximep-2006@ximep-2006.org or
contact the workshop chairs directly.

-- XIME-P 2006 Program Committee

   - Kevin Beyer          (IBM Research, USA)
   - Angela Bonifati      (ICAR-CNR, Italy)
   - Vinayak Borkar       (BEA Systems, USA)
   - Daniela Florescu     (Oracle, USA)
   - Jan Hidders          (U Antwerp, Belgium)
   - Carl-Christian Kanne (U Mannheim, Germany)
   - Michael Kay          (Saxonica, UK)
   - Maurice van Keulen   (U Twente, Netherlands)
   - Ioana Manolescu      (INRIA, France)
   - Dan Olteanu          (U Saarland, Germany)
   - Martin Probst        (X-Hive, Netherlands)
   - Jonathan Robie       (DataDirect Technologies, USA)
   - Jai Shanmugasundaram (Cornell U, USA)
   - Jerome Simeon        (IBM Research, USA)
   - Dan Suciu            (U of Washington, USA)
   - Philip Wadler        (U Edinburgh, UK)

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