[Bug 2725] Incorrect example in section 5.2.1


------- Additional Comments From mike@saxonica.com  2006-01-18 15:45 -------
The example is not incorrect: it is there to illustrate a feature of the
specification that users might find surprising. You're not asking us to change
the example, you're asking us to change a design decision that was debated quite

In the XML Schema xs:time data type, 00:00:00 and 24:00:00 are different lexical
representations of the same underlying value. Therefore, they must behave the
same way in all operations, including the operation of combining the value with
a date to give a dateTime. We could have tried changing the value space to
retain the difference, as we did with timezone information, but we're reluctant
to do this as it would cause increasing divergence with the semantics of the
data types as defined and used in XML Schema, for example the meaning of a value
range applied as a constraint to xs:time values.

Michael Kay
(personal response: the comment will be considered more fully by the WGs)

Received on Wednesday, 18 January 2006 15:45:40 UTC