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[Bug 2448] [F&O] Clarification for semantics of upper-case() and lower-case()

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joannet@ca.ibm.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From joannet@ca.ibm.com  2006-02-01 15:34 -------
The XSL and XQuery working group discussed this issue on Feb 1, 2006 and 
accepted the following proposed text for fn:upper-case (and similarly for 

Summary: Returns the value of $arg after translating every character to 
its upper-case correspondent as defined <new>in the appropriate case 
mappings section</new> in the Unicode standard [The Unicode Standard]. 
<new>For versions of Unicode beginning with 2.1.8 update, only 
locale-insensitive case mappings should be applied.  Beginning with 
version 3.2.0 (and likely future versions) of Unicode, precise mappings 
are described in default case operations, which is case mappings in the 
absence of tailoring for particular languages and environments.</new> 
Every lower-case character that does not have an upper-case correspondent, 
as well as every upper-case character, is included in the returned value 
in its original form. 

Note that the last sentence differ from the CR draft due to another comment 
that was accepted by the working groups.

Regarding your suggestion to add a warning that lower-case ($A) eq lower-case 
($B) is not a true case-insensitive comparison, the working groups felt that 
such details should be left to the Unicode specification.

Thank-you for raising this comment.  Please let us know within one week if the 
proposed text is acceptable.

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