[Bug 1244] [XSLT 2.0] question about result-document/@href


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Hi Michael

Thank you very much for information!

> We did have some informal discussion on the topic. I think
> that
> what you're asking for is essentially a mechanism for invoking web
services from
> XSLT code.

If the term "web sevices" isn't reduced to SOAP that's correct.

> We don't think that's part of the job of xsl:result-document,
> we
> think it's essentially another kind of function call.

I did lots of work with SAP Business Connector.
Calling a Business Connector "function" is sending RFC-XML, IDoc-XML,
BAPI-XML, BizTalk or SOAP to BC.

The work is always the same. receiving XML, convert the XML , send XML.
(Or convert, send,  receive, convert, send, receive, ...)

I don't really understand what the difference is between
o sending XML to a http-server
o sending an XML to the file system
o calling a webservice.

For me it is the same.

If I send a 1000 lines BAPI-XML to SAP Business Connector, is it calling
a remote function or sending a document to an URL?

> Those members who
> were
> present at the discussion seemed inclined to the view that the current
> for extension function calls should be adequate to enable vendors to
provide the
> facility if they think there is a user demand, and that this kind of
implementation experience is desirable before trying to standardize anything.

(of course I disagree completely ;-)

The sockets already exists in various forms and are used in daily
Also XSLT can be used as a socket for http/xml.
An Apache Module could look like:

If xslt can connect to webservices the process can look like:
stdin(xforms delivers xml)-->XSLT-->stdout(xhtml)

The plug is missing. I'm not at all a good programmer.
I don't know why, but the only programming language I was able to learn,
is XSLT. The only possibility for me is to influence standards ;-)

In XSLT 1.0 nobody at W3C thought about this:
select="exsl:node-set(document($http_url))//elementXY" mode="content"/>

In XQuery this is now the FIRST usecase in:

(still reduced to HTTP-GET parameters)
Some new W3C Standards use HTTP-POST to send XML (cgi stdin).
XForms, SVG (postURL), SOAP, (AJAX);
SAP has this things;
B2B Communication works this way;
This are the things I have to do with in daily business.

Here are some visuals:
(needs Adobe SVG 3.0)
BTW: If I try to write a file to the filesystem but don't have the
permissions - where does the error go? Is it possible to transform this
error message to html, svg, ...? (is the error message in XML Format?)



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