[Bug 1358] please think of a more elaborate mechanisms for choosing collations


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> I think the binding of URIs to actual collations is something that's best left
> to configuration parameters, APIs, and the like - in other words, it's outside
> the scope of the language.
> One thing we might consider, though, is to encourage implementors to provide 
> configuration mechanisms that allow users to choose their own URIs to refer to
> collations, rather than only providing a fixed set of vendor-supplied URIs. If
> implementors do this, it will greatly improve interoperability.
> Michael Kay (personal response)

Suppose a user who wants to make a linguistic analysis of texts, and variation
in collations - e.g. due to historic differences - is a crucial part of the
analysis. Of course this is an unusal case, but my point is that such a user
would not like to change the API or a parameter. The collation would be part of
the query / analysis.

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