[Bug 1351] please have a feature to choose between XML 1.1 versus XML 1.0


------- Additional Comments From mrys@microsoft.com  2005-05-18 19:21 -------
What do you mean with "provide a feature"? 

Do you mean a prolog definition? This cannot be done at the query level 
because the semantics is keyed-off what the data model supports. You cannot 
run an XQuery supporting XML 1.1 in its syntax or semantics on XML 1.0 input 
documents or vice-versa without leading to inconsistencies. 

Providing this as implementation-defined behaviour, it is basically an option 
for implementations to provide one or the other (or trying to do both). So in 
this sense it is already a feature.

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Michael (speaking for myself)

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2005 19:49:42 UTC