[Bug 1335] have a section on various notions of normalization


------- Additional Comments From fsasaki@w3.org  2005-05-18 18:45 -------
Version with consensus from the i18n wg (telecon May 18):

Sec. "The operation tree is then normalized ...": Please give a unique
term to the different form of normalizations you are addressing, e.g. "operation
tree normaliztation". There are many different normalizations in this series of
specifications, like operation tree normalization in this section, white space
normalization (sec. 3.10.2, 4c), Character normalization (Charmod, NFC etc.),
normalization as described in the formal semantics document, sec. 3.2.1, point
3, and sequence normalization as described in the serialization specification,
sec. 2. These should be very clearly distinguished and labeled. A section which
summarizes the various kinds of normalization would be helpful.

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2005 19:17:51 UTC